OPC Connectivity Suite Facilitates BioProfile FLEX Bi-Directional Automation and Process Integration

Posted December 30th, 2011.

A new Connectivity Suite from Nova Biomedical is a complete plug and play solution for use with the BioProfile┬« FLEX Cell Culture Analyzer that facilitates Nova’s groundbreaking bi-directional automation and product integration. The BioProfile FLEX Connectivity Suite features complete connectivity with all OPC-compliant systems including bioreactor controllers, data historians, overall IT infrastructure, and plant manager systems.

BioProfile FLEX is an “all-in-one” analyzer that provides immediate measurement of key chemistries, cell density/viability, and osmolality in cell culture media to provide a total picture of cell growth in a single instrument. Consolidating these key tests into a one instrument saves time and labor, eliminates errors, and improves compliance in every phase of the bioprocess. BioProfile FLEX is compatible with the FDA’s PAT initiative to communicate, capture, and control bioprocess data for cell culture processes.

BioProfile FLEX is offered in a series of modules to meet specific user needs. Multiple configurations are available building on the base chemistry module and adding cell density/viability, osmolality, and IgG modules as required. BioProfile FLEX offers individual sampling via syringe, multiple sampling from a choice of tray configurations, or automated sampling via an optional On-Line Autosampler from up to ten bioreactors.