Nova Now Helping Lifescan Users Transition to Nova StatStrip Glucose Meters and Strips

Posted February 12th, 2012.

On January 14, 2011, LifeScan announced they were withdrawing from the hospital point-of-care glucose testing market in North America. The announcement provided LifeScan users with a brief, 26-month period to identify, evaluate, and implement a new partner. Nova Biomedical is prepared to help you begin now to transition to a new POC glucose partner to avoid the problems that could occur by waiting until the end of the LifeScan transition.

Nova’s StatStrip glucose is the only point-of-care glucose product developed and FDA cleared for use with hospitalized patients. StatStrip’s patented Multi-Well™ test strips are the only test strips that measure and correct for hematocrit, acetaminophen, ascorbic acid, maltose and other interferences that cause erroneous results on other hospital glucose meters and strips. In the past two years, over fifty peer-reviewed technical papers throughout the world have validated Nova’s lab-like accuracy and freedom from interferences. This accuracy breakthrough has helped StatStrip become the fastest growing point-of-care glucose system in the world.

In addition to StatStrip’s many product advantages, Nova Biomedical provides exceptional support for point-of-care glucose testing. In our November 2010 Customer Survey, users were asked to rank Nova versus their previous vendor in eleven key areas. Nova Biomedical was ranked number one versus Roche, LifeScan and Abbott in all eleven areas including training, technical support, connectivity support, test strip accuracy and reliability, and overall satisfaction. To achieve these high customer satisfaction ratings Nova maintains a large sales and product support staff and corporate infrastructure to assist our customers in all phases of implementation, product validation, training and connectivity. In addition Nova has strong connectivity partnerships that can provide a cost effective and efficient transition from LifeScan to StatStrip. In most hospitals Nova can utilize existing connectivity infrastructure, protecting your IT investment while minimizing the cost of conversion.

Nova would welcome the opportunity to present our capabilities as a point-of-care glucose partner. For further information including StatStrip product literature, peer-reviewed studies, implementation support, or pricing, contact us at 1-800-458-5813