Wireless Connectivity Now Available for Nova’s Hospital Meters

Posted February 12th, 2012.

Waltham, MA, March 31, 2011 – Nova Biomedical announces the availability of a wireless connectivity solution for StatStrip® Glucose and StatSensor® Creatinine meters. The Nova StatStrip Wireless Tote provides bi-directional, wireless connectivity of StatStrip or StatSensor test results and patient data to/from a Lab or Hospital Information System (LIS) and is a convenient, lightweight carrying case for meters and testing supplies. StatStrip Wireless Tote provides rapid charting of test results and patient data to enable the frequent therapy decisions needed for patients on glycemic control protocols. In addition, StatStrip Wireless Tote provides admission/transfer/discharge feeds of patient name, ID, date of birth, gender, and bed location to the meter for bedside confirmation of multiple patient identifiers and positive patient ID.

Other handheld glucose meters typically must be placed in a docking station that is wired to a wall Ethernet connection in order to communicate with the network and the LIS. No patient test data is uploaded until the point of care device is placed in the dock—sometimes occurring only at the end of a shift. As glucose tests and therapy decisions are being made frequently on hospitalized patients, the need for continuous, secure, wireless connectivity is becoming essential.

As hospitals move to upgrade their IT infrastructure to support interconnected devices, many are looking to wireless technology to improve charting of point of care test results, reduce the costs of hardwiring a facility, and to support additional capabilities such as asset and patient tracking. Nova’s wireless solution addresses these needs through transmission over 802.11 standard protocol with data encryption and additional security measures.

“Nova StatStrip Glucose meters produce the most accurate bedside glucose results available; and now with our wireless connectivity solution these test results can be charted immediately for faster treatment decisions that benefit patients,” stated Ron Newby, Director of Marketing.

About Nova Biomedical
Nova Biomedical, incorporated in 1976, is a world leader in the development and manufacturing of state-of-the-art whole blood chemistry analyzers. The Nova product line ranges from small single-test meters for glucose self-testing and hospital-based point of care testing to full critical-care whole blood analyzers designed for rapid measurement of over 20 analytes. Nova products are used by small, medium, and large hospitals, as well as integrated health networks, to improve patient outcomes and reduce the cost of care.


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