First True “No Coding” Blood Glucose Monitoring System Provides Fast, Convenient Solution for Diabetes Self-Testing

Posted January 10th, 2012.

An advanced blood glucose monitoring system from Nova Biomedical provides a fast, convenient solution for diabetes self-testing. The newly released Nova Max™ system is built around patented* new technology test strips that are so precise they do not require the calibration or coding required of currently available blood glucose monitors to perform a glucose test. This first true “no coding” technology eliminates user coding errors which studies have shown to be on the order of 16% with competitive test strips.1

Nova Max affords diabetes patients a new level of convenience and increased testing speed for monitoring their blood glucose levels. Test results from Nova Max are reported in just 5 seconds on a 0.3 microliter sample, the smallest sample size of any meter available today. Results are accessed from the meter’s 400-test memory encouraging patient adherence to healthcare professional testing regimens.

With the introduction of Nova Max, Nova Biomedical now offers a comprehensive product line of advanced technology glucose monitoring systems that also includes StatStrip™ and StatStrip™ Xpress™ professional meters for bedside testing in the hospital. Integrated health systems and individual hospitals with a need for hospital bedside meters and meters for self-testing can look to Nova for a single source.

1Raine, CH. Self-monitored blood glucose: a common pitfall. Endocr Pract 2003; 9:137-139.

*Patent Numbers 6,287,451/6,837,976/EP1212609