Nova Biomedical Launches BioProfile® FAST CDV for High Throughput, Fully Automated Cell Density and Cell Viability Analysis

Contact: Matthew McRae 
(781) 647-3700 ext. 1446

Waltham, MA - Nova Biomedical is pleased to announce the launch of BioProfile FAST CDV™, a high-throughput, fully automated viable cell density and viability analyzer capable of producing results in under 70 seconds with just 100µL of sample volume. In addition, it performs all sample dilutions internally, enabling cell culture samples up to 140e6 c/mL to be analyzed without any external sample dilution. Cell culture samples can be analyzed via the external 36-position load-and-go tray or via an innovative 96-well plate option.

The software is extremely easy to use thanks to the built-in touch screen display and intuitive icon-based navigation. All aspects of the software and networking capabilities are 21 CFR Part 11 compliant and have also been designed to meet the FDA’s new cybersecurity guidelines. The analyzer has multiple networking options including OPC and BioProfile Data Manager as well as the ability to transmit images.

FAST CDV utilizes trypan blue dye exclusion methodology for determination of live and dead cells and uses the industry’s highest resolution camera and optics coupled with the most advanced algorithms to provide the most accurate cell density and cell viability measurements. It also integrates seamlessly into existing process development, pilot, and manufacturing laboratories where the BioProfile FLEX2 is currently being used. The FAST CDV algorithms align with the FLEX2 algorithms to assure correlation with the FLEX2 CDV module.

“We at Nova Biomedical are excited to launch the next addition to the BioProfile platform with the FAST CDV Analyzer. Nova’s commitment to bringing advanced technology analyzers to our biotechnology worldwide customers is evident in our new analyzer. The FAST CDV is a significant advance in automated cell density analyzers and breaks the boundaries of existing technologies. It will enable even FAST er evaluation of cell lines and physicochemical parameter optimization, ultimately bringing products to market FAST er,” said Matt McRae, Biotechnology Sales Product Line Manager at Nova.


About Nova Biomedical
Incorporated in 1976 and based in Waltham, MA, Nova Biomedical is a world leader in the development and manufacturing of whole blood, point-of-care and critical care analyzers, as well as instruments for cell culture monitoring in the biotechnology market. Nova uses biosensor technology in products ranging from handheld meters for glucose self- and point-of-care testing to critical care whole blood analyzers designed for stat measurement of over 24 analytes. Nova’s BioProfile line has pioneered comprehensive cell culture testing, providing over 20 critical cell culture tests for a broad range of cell culture applications. Nova employs over 1,500 people worldwide and has wholly owned subsidiaries located in Australia, Benelux, Brazil, Canada France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, Spain, and Switzerland. Certified by the International Organization for Standardization, Nova has manufacturing operations located in the U.S. and Taiwan.